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Sell your own Home and Save $1000s

In today's current economy, consumers want to save as much money as possible; and with schedules being as busy as they, people want simplicity in their transactions. This attitude is no different when it comes to buying and selling real estate. People listing their homes for sale don't want to have to pay costly agent commissions, and people buying homes certainly don't want to pay more for a house to cover agent costs. More and more people are switching to the for sale by owner method to buy and sell real estate.

With prices of commodities being higher lately and incomes not rising to meet these prices, people are looking for ways to save money. Carpooling, clipping coupons, and bargain shopping are all ways consumers can say money. Did you know that you could save while buying and selling real estate? That's right. The for sale buy owner method helps both buyers and sellers save time and money during their real estate transaction.

What is FSBO? FSBO means, "for sale by owner." This is a property that is being sold by the owner only, without the aid of a listing real agent. The owner is working as his or her own realtor. What does this mean? By selling a home without a realtor, one can save thousands of dollars by not paying agent commission. A homeowner can also alleviate time wasted, hassle, and stress by not working with a licensed realtor. Many people are turning to the FSBO to sell their home. In fact, FSBO sellers sell more houses each year than the entire top real estate agencies, like Century 21 or Remax, combine. According to the website, FSBO methods have saved consumers over one billion (yes, billion with a "B"!) in potential commissions.

A potential seller could use the resources of any of the for sale by owner websites to get started. They give wonderful advice on contracts and negotiating. The websites also offer tools to help price your home. Once a price has been established, the seller can use the other tools on these websites to help advertise their home. The great thing is that you, the seller, have the power to select the form of advertisement you want to use. You can list your home online, in the classified ads, in flyers, or even just use word of mouth. The power rests entirely in your hands. You can also set times and days of when potential buyers can view the home. This will alleviate the hassle of having to schedule your time around your realtor's schedule. Everything is done at your pace and on your time. For sale by owner customers usually manage to sell their home within the first five months of listing their home. That is better than what most realtors can offer you and less stress than you would get from working with one! A lot of the FSBO websites offer unlimited access to real estate professionals, in case any problems or questions arise. Some even offer your money back if the property doesn't sell. How can you go wrong by selling a property yourself? What better person, also is there to sell a home than you, the person who has lived there? The seller knows all the great features of the home and what to specifically highlight and what not to. No one knows the neighborhood better or could recommend great shopping to potential buyers than you! Plus, selling a home through the FSBO way creates less uncertainty. You will be able to tell better the true feelings of potential buyers by meeting them yourself and showing the house to them yourself.

There are many advantages to purchasing a home through the for sale by owner method. For starters, prices are usually lower on houses that are for sale by owner than the ones listed by a realtor. There is no commission fee to be paid, so, the price isn't inflated to cover these costs. Also, the seller may be able to negotiate the price with the buyer better and thus lowering the cost even more! Since the house isn't for sale from a commercial, brand name agency, the price won't be inflated to cover advertising costs either. For sale by owner websites are incredible popular and they really help a house gain lots of exposure. According to, "77% of homebuyers now use the internet to search homes." As a potential buyer, these websites make home hunting incredibly easy. Many offer 360-degree views of the home. For sale by owner has many advantages to both buyer and seller and makes transaction very simple. There is some additional advice to offer both seller and buyer.

If you plan on selling you home, you should probably follow these guidelines. First, establish a price for your home; a fair price. Remember, if it's too high, it won't sell. Use the tools the FSBO websites offer to help establish your price range. If needed, hire a professional appraiser who will establish the value of your home. Second, prepare your home for sale. A house with a fresh coat of paint and a well-kept yard is more likely to have more prospective buyers than a house that doesn't. Maintain your yard, update the paint if needed, clean away any debris or clutter when showing your home. Make sure you also understand the selling process and the details about a real estate contract. Real estate is a difficult field and it best to have knowledge of the market and the resources you will be using in order to sell your home.

As for potential buyers, remember the motto, "Buyer Be Ware!" You can really get a great deal on a home if you do a little well planned research on your endeavor first. To begin with, make sure to get your financing in order. This will make you look easier to work with from the seller standpoint. Second, review the condition of the house. It is advisable to hire a professional property inspector to check the house out, as they are trained to pick up details most people might miss. They will check the foundation and structure, as well as things like plumbing and electrical. This is helpful to avoid a potential disaster on both ends. You the potential buyer may also want to enlist the help of a real estate attorney and don't forget your title insurance! Both these things can help protect you from any defects in title that may arise or any legal issues that are unseen but could lurk. Most often these problems don't even arise from the current owner of the property, but owners years before. Lastly, make a reasonable offer. Neither the buyer nor seller wants an unfair price. Once all this is done move in and enjoy your new home!

For sale by owner is not a new concept in the real estate field. It's almost like a hidden gem that people are now finding out about. It's a fast, efficient process that can help eliminate stress, hassle and costly prices. By eliminating the realtor commission, one can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the sale of a home. In today's economy, everyone is concerned about money and saving more of it. So if the tools are available, why not use them?

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